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Councillors represent the electors in their parish ward. They are accessible to residents to listen to their concerns and to deal with them or to pass them for action to the appropriate authorities directly or via the Parish Clerk. 



Name (Click to email) Telephone No Role
Sally Reeves   01449 745739 Chairman
Ray Studd  01449 676606 Vice Chairman
Laura Beeson  07918 808387 Councillor
John Hayward  01449 674717 Councillor
Laura Johnson  07826 851030 Councillor
Debra Melhuish  07979125904  Councillor
Paula Murton  07906 677817 Councillor
Jerry Voden  01449 703717 Councillor
Kevin Stevens  07747 605042 Councillor
Donna Bridges  07736 348335  Councillor
Rachel Eburne 07768 460108 District Councillor
Keith Welham  01449 673185 District Councillor
Keith Welham  01449 673185 County Councillor



For details of the Groups and Committees served by Parish Councillors please see the table below:

Group Councillor
Finance and Policy Committee Councillors Beeson, Hayward, Johnson (Chair), Stevens & Studd
Bio-Diversity Working Group Councillor Beeson
Community Events Sub-Committee Councillors Beeson, Melhuish & Voden 
Parish Infrastructure Improvement Plan Sub-Committee Councillors Bridges, Johnson, Reeves & Studd
Environment & The Green Sub-Committee Councillors Beeson(Chair), Hayward, Murton & Melhuish
Trim Trail Working Group Councillor Voden 
Allotment Officer (s) Councillors Bridges & Voden
Cemetery and Churchyard Officer (s) Councillors Reeves & Hayward
Footpath Officer (s) Councillors Bridges & Melhuish
Planning Officer (s) Councillors Stevens & Studd
Play Park Officer (s) Councillors Bridges & Reeves
Speed watch Officer Councillor Voden
Tree Officer (s) Councillors Hayward & Studd

Terms of Reference of Committees, Sub-committees, Working Groups and Officers

Groups and Committees served by Stowupland Parish Council 2022/23